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C64Net Wifi Card Update

I have identified an issue with the C64Net Wifi card that occurs on some machines. The issue results in a non-functional card, or a card that will not connect at 9600 baud. The resolution to this problem is the addition of a resistor to pull-up the C64-RTS signal to +5V.

This change only affects the first 9 (version 0.4) boards shipped. All other boards have been modified to include the fix. Additionally, this fix will be incorporated in version 0.5 of the card.

Electronics Is Fun will replace any board that is not functional or that does not have the fix. Please send an email to 

For those of you that are handy with the soldering iron, the fix is simple.  Please refer to the image.

1. Add a 10K (0805) smt resistor to the +5v side of R1.

2. connect a wire from the other side of the new 10K resistor you added to pin 1 of U2.

If you perform this update yourself, you will avoid having to return your card.

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C64Net WiFi Card

The C64Net card adds wireless internet to you Commodore 64 computer. It supports an AT command similar to the  Hayes smart modem. It is capable of communication at speeds up to  9600 baud. 


C64Net WiFi Additional Content

For access to additional information about the C64Net card including firmware and  software source. Click the following Link.