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Build cool and exciting projects. Enjoy learning about new and old electronic products . We have electronic deals, computer parts, and retro computer accessories.

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Find the right product for your next DIY project. Are you interested in the latest development board? Or maybe a wireless module? How about a proto board and jumper wires? 


Find new ways to enhance you retro computer with new technologies. Is it time to take your C64 online? Are you interested in adding storage to your Color Computer? 

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Several new products are on their way.

GuruNet is a network adapter for the Amiga. It allows users to connect to the internet over the Amigas parallel port. The GuruNet is compatible with the PlipBox.

GuruModem is an RS-232 WiFi modem that can provide internet access to any computer with an RS-232 serial interface.  The GuruModem also has an onboard sdcard interface to allow local backup of data downloaded from the internet. Full flow control is provided for speeds up to 115.2K.

New Crash Course in Electronics and PCB Design

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