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GuruModem RS-232 Wifi Modem


The Gold Standard in wireless RS-232 Communications

High-speed communications and and storage for any computer with a standard RS-232 serial interface.






SDCARD storage

The GuruModem is the gold standard in RS-232 wifi communications.. It adds wireless communications and storage capability to any computer with a standard RS-232 serial port. Full modem control and hand shaking (TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RI) is provided to allow transfer rates as high as 230.4k Baud.

SDCARD integrated storage* and a DOS/Linux shell allows files to be transferred to and from the computer. FTP capability is provided for remote access to FTP servers.

Users can connect to Telnet BBS systems on the internet. XMODEM and ZMODEM protocols are supported. Connect you your favorite sites and services on your retro computers with the GuruModem.

The GuruModem is fully software configurable using and enhanced "AT" command set, so there are no jumpers or switches to setup.

The GuruModem requires a +5V power adapter with a micro usb connector (User Supplied). Depending on your computer, additional cables and accessories may be required.

   * SDCARD, serial cables, and/or adapters not included. 

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Amiga by the Lake

Also available soon for Amiga users from Amiga on the Lake

Amiga by the Lake


We've partnered with Sphere Cube LLC to sell the modem along with accessories like cables, quickstart disks, and power supplies.

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Arcade Shopper

Get your GuruModem from our new friends at Arcade Shopper. They cater to arcade and retro computer  enthusiasts.

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